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Joan of Rock

  • UCBT Chelsea 307 West 26th Street New York, NY, 10001 United States (map)

The year is 1429. France is under English control, with the uptight Anglos using politeness and manners as weapons of cruel oppression. And it sucks for the French people. Cue the angels and the power chords. Here comes a rowdy peasant girl named Joan of Arc who uses rock and roll music to fight the man and free France. This is a live concert reading with a band. It will rock.

Sunita Mani (Mr. Robot
AJ Shively (Bright Star)
Amy Jo Jackson (Prospect, The Flea
Jeff Hiller (Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson)
Lauren Adams (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)
Connor Ratliff (Netflix' The Discovery)
Rich Armstead (UCBT)
Hannah Solow (UCBT)



Directed by:

Carrie McCrossen (UCBT)


Written by:

Zack Willis (UCBT)


Music Director:

Matt Rubano (UCBT)